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2013 Warrior Fund Deliverables


Presentations will take place on the Wayne State University campus at a location to be announced to qualifying participants.  To qualify, participants must be Blackstone LaunchPad members and have completed at least one prep/coaching session.  Anticipated dates of prep sessions and committee presentations can be found below.

Contents of the Slide Deck: Your pitch deck may include as many slides as needed to make your point, but you only have 10 minutes to pitch your business.     We recommend the following format:

    » Problem (need for your product)

    » Solution (value proposition)

    » Addressable Market

    » Business Model (revenue generation) 

    » Competition (Everyone has competitors!)

    » Marketing & Sales

    » Operations Management (team and/or advisors)

    » Financial Projections & Milestones

    » Questions

Confidentiality: Judges will hold submissions in the strictest confidence but will not sign any confidentiality documents.

• Coaching/Practice Opportunities: Prior to the committee presentation, all teams will have access to coaching from business leaders provided by the Warrior Fund. All selected teams will participate in the Coaching session on Tuesday beginning at 2:00 pm. This will provide an opportunity for each team to do a “dry run” of their pitch and receive specific, team focused feedback from a select group of judges prior to the final presentation. You will have 10 minutes for this presentation, plus 10 minutes for judges questions/answers and 10-minute feedback. The coaching session will not be scored.

• Committee Presentation: In the committee presentation, as in the coaching round, each team will have 10 minutes to present its business plan. The presentation will be followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer session with the judges. THESE TIME LIMITS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. For the committee presentation, each team should be in position at least 15 minutes prior to their designated presentation times. Teams will start early if the team before them finishes ahead of schedule.

Feedback Session: Following the committee presentation session, each team will have 10 minutes of additional feedback from the judges evaluating their presentation. Student teams should be prepared to answer any questions pertaining to material covered in the pitch deck or the oral presentation.

NOTE: Questions are not limited to material submitted or presented to the committee. Presentations are not open to the public.

*Equipment: Teams should plan to bring a laptop and/or a copy of their presentation on a USB drive or CD. The presentation room is equipped with a large-screen projector and a room PC to run your presentation. You may also connect your laptop directly to the projector to present.



The Warrior Fund Committee may select one or more venture proposals each round for funding.  Selection criteria will include at least the following considerations.

  • What is the anticipated outcome of the proposed venture?

  • Is the proposal/business plan clear?

  • Is the venture technology-based and aligned with the goals of the fund?

  • Is the venture feasible as proposed?

  • Is the timeline reasonable?

  • Is the budget reasonable?

  • Does the venture have potential to become self-sustaining?

  •  Will funds invested today help clear the path forward for the venture to achieve its goals?

The Warrior Fund Committee expects to review proposals on a revolving basis.



Prior to being in the Warrior Fund program:

  • Once enrolled in the Blackstone LaunchPad (BLP) program a team or individual must demonstrate strong pitching capabilities and a strong articulation of their business model to the BLP staff.

  • Through scheduled one-on-one meetings the Blackstone LaunchPad staff will provide coaching to improve team’s pitch. 

  • Once BLP staff determines the team is ready they will be invited to pitch at a Warrior Fund Prep Session ( 3/1, 6/14, or mid October)

After the Prep Session – Pitch Session:

If the judging panel determines your pitch and business model articulation needs more work you will have the opportunity to continue one-on-ones with the BLP Staff.  If you comprehend the changes needed and display in your improved pitched you will be invited to a Pitch Session.  Progression is up to the presenting student, it’s never a “no” it’s a “not yet”.

  • If judging panel determines your pitch is ready you will be invited to an official Warrior Fund Pitch Session (tentatively: 3/22, 7/12 or mid November).

  • You must attend a Warrior Fund Orientation prior to the next Pitch Session (dates and times TBD, will be within one week of the Prep Session).  BLP staff will go over requirements to participate in the Warrior Fund. 

  • Improve pitch and then perform official pitch at the Warrior Fund Pitch Session. 

  • A judging panel comprised of our sponsors and other industry leaders along with esteemed WSU staff will judge your pitch.

  • Panel will determine if your pitch is of high quality.  If so the officiating team will determine if your venture will befunded up to $5,000.

Funded Ventures:

  • Venture will complete checklist tasks given at Orientation attended prior to Pitch Session

  • Funded ventures will be required to give bi-annual Milestone reports (twice a year) on their status.  This is to ensure proper utilization of funds and more importantly to help students to stay on track.

Below is a complete list of 2013 Warrior Fund Prep & Pitch sessions:



Round 1


Round 2


Round 3




Prep Session





 Mid October




Pitch Session





 Mid November




Sessions may be added or deleted as deemed necessary. For updates check: blackstonelaunchpad.wayne.edu.